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The beating heart of the nut and dried fruit industry is established in the Sacramento and San Joaquin areas of California's Great Central Valley. In former days a dessert, today, due to the construction of a large-scale irrigation system, the largest producer of dried fruit and nuts.

From California we import the following shelled nuts;



The harvest of almonds takes place during August. The trees are shaken mechanically. To increase shelf life in a natural way, the almonds are stored in the shell. After receipt of an order, the almonds are machine cracked, cleaned and sorted on size.

The main varieties are:
Nonpareil, Carmel en California.

The main quality standards are:
Extra no.1, Supreme en SSR. Most important is the number of damaged nuts and contaminants.

The count is indicated by the number of nuts per ounce. The most common counts are 23/25 and 27/30.



The harvest of walnuts is about 6 - 8 weeks after the almonds; during October.

Consumption of walnuts, is just like the consumption of almonds, skyrocketing. Marketing campaigns targeted on the heart-healthy aspects of both nuts, is part of this enormous consumption worldwide.

The main varieties are:
Chandler, Serr and Hartley's.

The quality is conform the USDA standards of walnuts. The difference in quality is determined by the percentage of halves and brokens.

The most common types are:
Halves 80 and 85%
Brokens with max 40% or 20% halves
LLP, Light Large Pieces and LSP, Light Small Pieces.

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