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South Africa
Pecanoten Because of the political land economic boycott, during the "Apartheid" (1948-1994), the government decided to support the agriculture. The desire to be independent of foreign countries, subsidies were given to produce first needed products like milk, grain and corn.

Thanks to the boycott, agriculture in South Africa became one of the main sectors. Since the abolition of "Apartheid", and the lifting of the boycott, export is booming. Agriculture in South Africa provides for total local needs.

South Africa is known for the excellent quality of the fruit; dried fruit in particular. Dried fruit is found in different parts of South Africa.

We mainly import raisins grown in the North Cape. South African raisins are wanted because of their "free flowing" aspect and the bright yellow colour of the golden bleached raisins.

Thompson raisins; natural as well as golden  -  size: jumbo, medium and smalls
W.P sultana's  -  choice and standard quality
Orange river raisins
Golden bleached raisins

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