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Pruimen Chile, located on the southern Hemisphere, between the Andes to the east and the Pacific to the west, has a Mediterranean type climate, which favours agriculture.

Being located in the Southern Hemisphere, Chile is one of the most important fruit exporting countries and well positioned for marketing to northern countries out of season.

From Chile we import:
- Shelled walnuts: halves, quarters and pieces
- Hand cracked as well as machine cracked
- Extra light, light and amber light coloured
- Jumbo, medium and small size

Chilean hand cracked walnuts are very popular as they are hardly damaged and because of their very light colour.

Thompson, Superior and Flame varieties  -  Jumbo, medium and small sizes
High and low moisture.

Almonds: Natural and blanched kernels
Nonpareil, Carmel and Price varieties.

Just like the walnuts, Chilean almonds are hardly damaged and popular because of their light colour.

A-pitted and unpitted prunes  -  All sizes

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